Thursday, November 17, 2011

these boots are made for walking

Cold weather = boots.That seems to be a perfect equation.In my opinion, there are four essential boots that a girl needs in her collection. We don't have to buy everything out there that the stores come up every season.We don't have to buy a specific brand either. Whatever fits your budget is okay although I have my favorites.First,you need something warm and cozy like Uggs, EMU,etc.These boots are perfect for lounging and everyday wear.They really keep your tootsies warm. Next, you need rain boots/rubber boots for those wet months.If you do a lot of walking,you absolutely buy one since it keeps your feet from getting wet. I can highly recommend Hunter because it is light and comfortable.Yes,its pricey but you will have it forever. There are more affordable brands available out there. Third, riding boots/motorcycle boots. Don't be fooled,you do not have to be a motocross rider or horseback rider to wear them. Its just referring to the style. You can wear them with jeans,slacks,etc.Very versatile because they could be casual and formal. Lastly, the slouchy boots for dresses,leggings and skirts.They look good when you wear them with tights too.

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  1. i remember this post.. sent me her uggs because she doesn't wear them anymore.. i was so excited then i realize how do i wear them? what clothes to match? is there a specific season to wear them esp. here in phil.?