Friday, November 18, 2011


I desperately wanted to have a flat abs.It just makes you feel good to have a toned belly. I don't want six picks because I am not a swimsuit model so a toned and lean belly will do. I have read countless articles and almost all of them have some common things to say:

- Ditch the soda/carbonated drinks.I have to commend myself on this.I don't like to drink soda.In fact,I could go on months without it.
- Avoid canned and processed foods.These things contain an insane amount of sodium which you retain where else but in your tummy.They make you feel and look bloated.
- If exercise is not part of your daily routine, at least try to walk everywhere if you can.Move those buns!
- Eat fresh veggies and fruits.Go easy on red meat.Yes,our mothers were right after all.They are really good for us.Try increasing your daily serving and you'll be surprised you will feel and look a lot better.

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