Thursday, November 17, 2011

shack up

I have a knack for decorating. I always wanted to be a stylist/interior decorator. It gives me a sense of fulfillment every time I turn a messy room into shabby chic. I religiously watched shows in HGTV and daydreamed that someday I will be able to do their amazing transformations. My decorating style is Contemporary minimalist. I prefer clean,sleek and simple designs. That way, you have a timeless look throughout the years.

Things I learned when decorating:

1. Choose neutral colors for walls.Think of it as a blank canvas.You can add a colorful painting to liven it up.

2. Buy furniture that has a classic design so it never goes out of style. Invest in pieces that has excellent quality.

3. Accessorize,accessorize,accessorize! But don't overdo it. Colorful throw pillows, lamps, and vases help put together a room. Don't buy expensive ones. These are the ones that you constantly replace. Browse flea markets and garage sales.You'll never know what you will get for a dollar.

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