Sunday, May 13, 2012

mask mania

If you are plagued with oily skin then you are not alone. I have oily skin and I despise it. They say people with oily skin are lucky since we are not prone to wrinkles but hey, I would give it away anytime. Which is why masks are my buddies. I use it twice a week to beat out the shine and it does help out with slickness. My favorites are lush cupcake mask which smells delish you wanna eat it, clarins and mario badescu.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

summer scents

Who says you can't wear fragrance in the summer? You still need to smell good no matter what season it is.Just like skincare, you need to change it as soon as seasons change. Summer means light,fresh and clean scents.Something fruity and floral will definitely catch anyone's attention.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

inspire me

zit zappin'

My hormones are raging and it's wreaking havoc on my face! I've been getting these pesky zits on my chin and it's definitely killing me right now. So of course, I have tried every single thing that people say will work for me but it just aggravated everything. Finally, I succumb to trying one last thing..benefit's boo boo zap..what a weird and funny name but hey, it worked wonders on those little monsters and now I only have one stubborn zit left.

too faced summer eye

What's not to love about the new palette from too faced? nothing! what's there to love? everything! Aside from the summery design with the shells and starfish, the colors are very nice,very pigmented and really pretty on all skin tone.Now just work out those abs!

style spotlight: taylor swift

This girl can definitely rock..a dress that is. You rarely see her in jeans.She is always prim and proper in ladylike dresses and heels. She embodies old hollywood meets barbie image. And ohh those bangs rock too!

light,summery tops

I have a new fave store.It's Aerie by American Eagle.They have the most casual,cute and comfortable clothes ever. Light, flowy and summery tops that remind me of course of summer, the beach and lazy days. So soft and comfy you wouldn't wanna wear anything else.