Thursday, November 17, 2011

how to be money-savvy

In this worldwide economic downfall, a lot of us are hard on cash.For me,its not how much you are making but its how you live within your means. I've known people who have big salaries but still end up in piles of debt as well as people making minimum wage but can still afford a little luxury in their lives.Through experience I gained insights on how to save money while still enjoying life.
1. As soon as you get your pay, set aside for ALL bills.
2. Before grocery shopping, make a list of all that you NEED and stick to it.
3. When you are tempted to buy something expensive,ask yourself "Can I LIVE without it?" If the
answer is yes,pass up on that one.
4. Clip coupons and USE it.However, don't buy something just because its on sale.
5. Lastly,simplify your life.Don't be a hoarder.Get rid of all clutter.

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