Tuesday, December 27, 2011

love your body

When the photo of the woman above was featured on Glamour magazine, thousands of readers sent emails to the editor praising them for bravely featuring a plus-sized model on their pages. In this society where "thin is in" is the mantra,everyone is so fixated on achieving the perfect body which is unrealistic for most of us.It often leads to low self-esteem which makes our life miserable.There is nothing wrong if you want to be thinner,sexier,or prettier but if doing so makes you lose track of reality and you end up being frustrated with life,then it's time to set some boundaries.Start over and have a goal.Like if you want to lose some weight,start doing so by having a food journal where you can keep count how much you eat and eat only healthy foods.Or if you want to feel good,start exercising and you will feel so much better. It's not a contest,so take small,easy steps.

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